Pink Power Rodeo Exclusives Available in Shops!

Three creators offered to create exclusive items just for the Pink Power Rodeo event. These items were displayed on site during the event and are now available in the shops until November 1. The proceeds from these vendors will be donated to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and the American Cancer Society.

Wild Kajaera created two versions of the mountain lion/cougar – one pink and one purple – for L2000 each. These little guys are so cute and won’t stay little for long. These are exclusive, with some special traits, and only available until November 1. The WK team also created some awesome toys and accessories for these cats so check out their blog and head to the store to pick these up while you can!

Ari-Pari displayed some exclusive ensembles for the event. The outfits are perfect for autumn right in to winter. These are now on available in the Ari-Pari shop until November 1 for L250 each – hop on over there now to pick them up!

SAMPoses created a pose set just for the Pink Power Rodeo too! This couple pose with the horse and rose prop is just perfect for that country or ranch setting. It is a great option for a fun, outdoorsy photo of you and your partner, friend, etc! Run over to SAMPoses today to pick up this pose for L120 while it is available!

Thank you Wild Kajaera, Ari-Pari and SAMPoses for your support and your partnership. Your contributions truly make a difference to the Pink Power Team, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, the American Cancer Society and the volunteer community within Second Life!

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